For Better Teachers, Build Better Personnel Practices, James B. Hunt, Jr. Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy, 2/12/09

It’s All About Talent, District 299: The Chicago Schools Blog, 5/20/09


The Merit Pay Conundrum, American School, 4/08

Effort Launched to Develop District Leadership Talent, Education Week, 6/11/08

Project Aims to Improve H.R. Systems in Big Districts, Education Week, 6/18/08

Human Resource Reform Revisited, School Turnaround Strategies Newsletter, 6/23/08

New Yorkers loom large on new education task force, Norm’s Notes, 7/22/08

She Snoops for Scoops: The Personal Side of the EdNET Community, B2E News Alert, 7/25/08

223 SMHC,, 8/01/08

National project aims to reform HR in urban districts, HR Exchange, 9/08

Phila. district lags in filling teacher vacancies,, 10/14/08

Strategic Management of Human Capital, Schools Moving Up-West Ed, 11/08

Pawlenty leads today’s D.C. education task force meeting,, 11/17/08

Case Studies Detail Districts’ Personnel Challenges, Education Week, 11/18/08

FRITZ: Fritz Knows All Things, Sees All Things, Hears All Things, This Week in Education, 11/19,08

SMHC Releases Reports Detailing Progress and Pitfalls in Developing Effective Educators, Senator Tom Seymour,11/20/08

Columbia University Teachers College Reviews Real-World …, Columbia University Campus Mixxer, 11/20/08

Experts: Reform should address underlying structure, Education Daily, 11/24/08

Need a degree to teach ABC?, Medill, 11/26/08

Human Capital Key Worry for Reformers, Education Week, 12/01/08

Kenny principal speaks at national conference, Southwest Journal, 12/15/08

National Democratic Institute’s International Leaders Forum: Featured Panelists, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, 2008

Talent management comes to public education, Educational Research Newsletter, 2008

Strengthening the Education Workforce: Rethinking Human Capital in Education, The Aspen Institute, 2008

Policy, Center for Teaching Quality, 2008


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  1. I am trying to order an article that was published in Education Week, Sept. 16/09 (Vol. 29, #3, p.5). The article was entitled “Measuring Teacher Performance” by Stephen Sawchuk.

    I spent about 30 mins. on your website trying to Education Week for Sept. 16 and the article but with no success. Can you please direct me?

    Thank you!