Obama: Duncan the “most hands-on of hands-on practitioners”

On Tuesday, President-elect Barack Obama nominated Chicago schools Chief Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education. At a press conference held at the Dodge Renaissance Academy in Chicago, the President-elect remarked, “In the next few years, the decisions we make about how to educate our children will shape our future for generations to come…When it comes […]

CAP Looks at Teacher Turnover, Tenure Policies, and the Distribution of Teacher Quality

This is one of two papers done by the Center for American Progress (CAP) to provide input to the Obama transition team. The papers were the basis of a half-day conference in Washington, D.C. on November 19, 2008.

Disjointed HR Systems at Root of Poor School Performance

An article from Education Daily focuses on the importance of modern staffing and scheduling systems to well-run school districts. Among other factors, antiquated scheduling and staffing systems are behind the significant teacher shortages, low levels of achievement, and large achievements gaps that afflict America’s largest urban districts. Citing the SMHC case studies, this story highlights […]

Education Week Highlights School Leadership and Management

This story in Education Week focuses attention on the need for broad, thoughtful human resource strategies that connect the major components of school districts’ personnel systems. Citing the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s increased focus on teacher quality, the SMHC Case Studies and the SMHC National Conference, Education Week reporter Lesli A. Maxwell examines the […]

New Report from AEI Emphasizes Innovative HR Initiatives

Fritz Hess’s report from AEI on “The Future of Educational Entrepreneurship” provides an intriguing overview of strategies for attracting top talent and implementing new educational programs into public schools. He also argues for the importance of widespread innovation – for example, developing “100, 1% solutions, not one, 100% solution”. One major emphasis in the report […]

SMHC Releases Reports Detailing Progress and Pitfalls in Developing Effective Educators

SMHC today, at a press conference led by Governor Pawlenty and former Governor Hunt, released a series of case studies on five top-performing districts, one state and three organizations. The SMHC Case Studies assess progress on teacher and principal recruitment, selection, and placement; induction and mentoring; professional development; performance management (evaluation); and compensation, and chronicle: Boston,  Chicago,  Fairfax County,  […]

SMHC Task Force Member Beverly Hall Featured in Education Week

This long article in Education Week profiles SMHC Task Force member Beverly Hall, who is superintendent of the Atlanta Public Schools.  The article describes both the overall education improvement strategy Hall implemented and many of her talent and human capital management practices as well.  Moreover, her initiatives have worked!  Atlanta student performance has increased dramatically […]

More teachers receiving incentive pay

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that teachers in Cincinnati Public Schools recently received incentive pay checks of between $500 and $1,000 for helping students at struggling elementary schools by improving student performance and raising attendance levels.  The pilot program is using funds from the federal Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) for the Teacher Advancement Program, or TAP, which provides […]

Fast tracking math and science teachers

The Boston Globe reports on “…a new program at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth that is sending a small army of math and science teachers to Fall River and New Bedford. After a crash course in taking the qualification test, they obtain their teacher licenses and begin immediately running their own classrooms, earning full […]

Talent Works: Teach For America’s Approach to Teacher Recruitment and Training

Guest post by Matthew Kramer, president and chief program officer of Teach For America, and SMHC Task Force Member A core idea in the SMHC action plan is that a talented workforce, at all levels, is critical to turning around the performance of our largest school districts. Teach For America shares that view so we […]