Taking Human Capital Seriously: Remarks from Allan Odden, SMHC Co-Director

Taking Human Capital Seriously: Talented Teachers in Every Classroom, Talented Principals in Every School

Remarks from Allan Odden, Co-Director of SMHC

Today, Jim Kelly and I released an urgent report from Strategic Management of Human Capital (SMHC), Taking Human Capital Seriously: Talented Teachers in Every Classroom, Talented Principals in Every School. The report calls for close cooperation between states and districts, determined commitment from all parts of the education policy community including teachers, teacher union/associations, and administrators, and strong political leadership. The report is based on several SMHC principles, including the following:

  • Develop an explicit vision of teaching and learning as one key element of an effective improvement strategy.
  • Principals bear the ultimate responsibility for implementing school-wide reforms that will lead to high academic achievement for all students.
  • Strategic human capital systems continually improve the teacher and principal workforce by responding appropriately to evidence of effectiveness on the job, using the two metrics of measures of teaching practice and measures of student learning.

We are proud of the bold actions this report advocates for at the state and district levels, specifically:

  • At the state level, require districts to use the results of performance-based teacher and principal evaluation systems to identify professional development needs, career leadership opportunities, and specific emphases in ongoing professional development.
  • At the district level, systematically develop new teacher intensive induction and mentoring.
  • At the district level, provide intensive, ongoing and high quality professional development. A critical element of any reform effort is an intensive, targeted and sustained professional development program that brings consistency to teaching and assessment.

This report lays out a clear blueprint for reform.  We urge state and local policymakers to implement these recommendations as soon as they are able.

Click here to download the report.

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