SMHC Highlighted in New Teacher Compensation Report from CED

CED paperIn a new report from the Committee for Economic Development (CED), SMHC is noted for helping to increase public understanding of the importance of strategically aligning all elements in the human resource system with the common goal of improving student learning. The report, Teacher Compensation and Teacher Quality, argues that to increase student achievement, we need to reform how we pay teachers.

CED, a public policy organization comprised of business and education leader, offers several examples of what the authors consider promising reforms.

  • Evaluating teachers for compensation purposes should include quantitative measures of student learning, where available, and qualitative assessments of teachers’ skills, knowledge, and classroom effectiveness.
  • Compensation policies should be blind to how long teachers stay in the classroom.
  • Career paths that provide opportunities for promotion and compensation should be created. However, these career paths should not necessitate teachers leaving the classroom for administrative positions.
  • Compensation policies should take into consideration content areas where it is more difficult to recruit and retain teachers.
  • Compensation policies should include incentives that encourage teachers to work in the most challenging schools.

See page 9 of the report for highlights on the SMHC project.

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