SMHC Co-Director Kelly to Address Delaware Practitioners on HC Management

On Wednesday, October 7, SMHC Co-Director Jim Kelly will meet with Delaware legislators, business leaders, and district superintendents to discuss human capital management. Kelly will also deliver a presentation to education practitioners to kick off the Delaware Department of Education’s Leadership for Learning series. In his presentation, Kelly will advise practitioners on the best practices of strategic human capital management, as well as how to address SMHC’s agenda in state and local practices and policies.

Delaware has been on the forefront of human capital reform with the Delaware Cohesive Leadership System (DCLS). In setting up DCLS, Delaware’s goals were to 1) develop leaders with the necessary skills and capacity to improve student learning; 2) enhance working conditions and incentives to enable leaders to improve student learning; 3) ensure that policies, programs, practices, and budgets are coordinated in ways that connect leadership to meeting high expectations for every child, especially those with the greatest needs; and 4) build and support networks, partnerships, and other strategies to share information pertaining to successful programs and policies.

Kelly’s presentation will be from 4:30 pm to 6:00 p.m., at the Dover Downs Hotel and Conference Center. This event is open to the public. To register, contact Alison Willey at [] or (302) 855-1629.

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