New Book from SMHC Co-Director Allan Odden

10 Strategies for Doubling Student PerformanceSMHC Co-director Allan Odden continues to push for dramatic improvements in public education in his recently published book, 10 Strategies for Doubling Student Performance. The book, which complements his previous work co-authored with Sarah Archibald, Doubling Student Performance … and finding the resources to do it, outlines a comprehensive and strategic school improvement plan for school and district leaders that will enhance their students’ performance. 

According to Daniel A. Domenech, a member of the SMHC Task force and executive director of the American Association of School Administrators, “Odden offers a sound program of ten steps school leaders can implement to significantly improve student academic achievement in their districts.” Through these steps, Odden defines the most important practices for creating strong professional communities of the future.  Notably, his chapter on the human capital side of improving performance explains that class size, location, and school demographics are challenges easily mitigated. Other chapters offer vivid illustrations about how to excel in the extremely competitive education space.  

Jack D. Dale, also a SMHC Task Force member and superintendent of Fairfax County Schools, VA declares, “Odden not only thinks big, he provides specifics examples from real school districts to support his ten-step program. His systemic analysis of school district improvement and specific examples create a road map for the nation.”

Linda Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education at Stanford University, also praises the book, saying “…Allan Odden vividly illustrates many of the most important practices for creating strong professional communities. From the organization of time to the development of productive curriculum and instruction, school leaders will learn how to create a framework for school reform grounded in research and the wisdom of practice.”

10 Strategies for Doubling Student Performance can be ordered at or directly from Corwin by telephone at 800-233-9936 or 805-499-9734, or Fax at 800-417-2466 or 805-499-5323 or online at

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