NYC Selected for Study on Measuring Teacher Performance

The New York City Department of Education and the United Federation of Teachers have joined to participate in “Measures of Effective Teaching” – a 2 year, $2.6 million study from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to determine the most reliable methods of teacher evaluation beyond relying on student performance and standardized tests.

“There’s been so much debate about what constitutes effective teaching and learning,” said United Federation of Teachers chief Michael Mulgrew. “We’re looking at this as an opportunity to get to the bottom of this.”

Chancellor Joel I. Klein and Mulgrew jointly issued a letter asking for 1,000 teachers from 100 different schools to volunteer to participate in the study. The study will use student test scores, student and teacher surveys, and video observations of teachers to assess teacher performance. Participating teachers will receive a $1,500 stipend.

Measuring teaching performance is a popular and contentious topic and SMHC is deep in the conversation, having recently unveiled a working paper on measuring teaching performance. Review of Teaching Performance Assessments for Use in Human Capital Management, by Anthony Milanowski, SMHC Senior Researcher, reviews the current state of the art in teaching assessment by examining seven assessment systems. Check out the resources section of the SMHC Web site to read other papers from the Consortium for Policy Research in Education on measuring teaching performance.

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