SMHC Task Force Looks at SMHC District and State Reform Networks

The SMHC District and State Reform Networks are a critical focus of the ongoing SMHC project. Task Force Vice-Chairs Carl Cohn and Michelle Rhee, along with Janet Knupp, Task Force member, and Betsy Arons, consultant, Gates Foundation, updated the Task Force on the work of the District Reform Network. Launched in 2009, the District Reform Network is made up of more than 20 school districts, and addresses the full range of human capital management issues.

Governor Tim Pawlenty, SMHC task force chair, and Alice Seagren, Minnesota Commissioner of Education, updated the Task Force on the SMHC State Reform Network. Both networks are particularly focused on the broad range of issues related to talent and its strategic management, from recruitment to development, retention and rewards. But to engage in strategic talent management both networks also are addressing the need to measure teaching performance, which is the missing HR metric in most systems. The networks are considering how to pursue robust systems that will accurately and effectively measure teaching performance (and principal performance), which is needed to strategically manage all aspects of teachers and principals.

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