Odden Offers States Guidance at ECS National Forum

SMHC Co-Director Allan Odden spoke today at the Education Commission of the States’ 2009 National Forum on Education Policy on state strategies for enhancing teacher effectiveness. Odden provided an overview of key findings from the SMHC Case Studies, released in 2008, and how these findings are impacting SMHC’s work in 2009.

State strategies to improve teacher effectiveness and increase student learning have been a focus of SMHC in 2009. The SMHC State Reform Network is working diligently to identify key state policies and practices that can support local implementation of district SMHC reforms. The Network is also working to assist states in enacting the necessary laws and policies to implement these reforms. Additionally, SMHC developed a state roadmap that gives states guidance on addressing teacher and principal quality and effectiveness for Race to the Top proposals.

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