TNTP Report Shows Need for Rigorous Measures of Teaching Performance

The New Teacher Project, whose President Tim Daly is a member of the SMHC National Task Force, released yesterday “The Widget Effect.”  This report shows that too many systems inaccurately represent teacher effectiveness by failing to acknowledge differences in teaching effectiveness. The systems treat teachers as “widgets,” ignoring both outstanding teachers as well as ineffective teachers, a practice that undermines treating teachers as real professionals.

The report’s recommendations underscore a major tenant of SMHC, specifically that rigorous measures of teaching performance, teacher evaluation and a measure of student achievement, are needed to design and manage an aligned HR system within districts and schools. SMHC recently launched the SMHC District and State Reform Networks, and is recommending that members develop and use such a performance-based teacher evaluation system, targeting stimulus funding in the short term as the one time development dollars needed to create such systems.

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