How Will Duncan Improve Teacher Quality?

Secretary-Designate Duncan has had direct experience in Chicago with many promising innovations and reforms in public education, including efforts to recruit, develop, retain and reward excellent teachers. Some of these interesting projects now operate with a few thousand teachers in a profession with three million members and 200,000 new hires each year. How does he intend to see promising reforms taken up to national scale?

One Response to “How Will Duncan Improve Teacher Quality?”

  1. Praxis requirements need to be relaxed or eliminated. A standardized test cannot determine if one is a good teacher or not. If a student of education receives excellent grades in college, and receive a B or above in student teaching, that should be enough. The test business did not start until the 80’s. Prior to that, certification simply meant successfully completing an education program, and taking X amount of classes in the discipline to be taught. Asking random questions about any and everything that was either studied or not cannot determine if a teacher is good. Teachers prepare before every lesson, they don’t memorize lessons. Thus, just like standardized tests can’t accurately determine the intellect of students (kids), the same applies to adults.